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Don’t Leave Me This Way

Ending, finale, climax, finish, conclusion – whatever you call it, it matters. A film’s opening is crucial, it’s where the directors set out their stall and invite us to stay and watch. If they don’t grab us here, we’re gone, … Continue reading

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BSG’s Twelve Colonies Starmap

io9 have a piece about a moody and beautiful-looking Battlestar Galactica Twelve Colonies starmap. The map itself, produced by writer Jane Espenson and science advisor Kevin Grazier, is more than just a piece of artwork. It’s had the same attention to detail … Continue reading

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Memories are made of this, and this, and that….

Scene: Inside your mind. Your memory. The CEO and a lowly worker are communicating. CEO: Lowly worker, bring me that memory you filed away about ten years ago. LOWLY WORKER: Right you are, Mr C. It’s up in the stacks, … Continue reading

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Head again

Philip K. Dick’s head went missing. His android head, that is. Apparently it disappeared during a flight. The mind boggles – how do you mislay a head? Where could it possibly have gone? You can imagine some hapless traveller freaking … Continue reading

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Total Recall recalled

Empire report that the Total Recall remake is on and will be directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld; Underworld: Evolution) and star Colin Farrell (In Bruges; Alexander). Hmm – Not the two names that would immediately spring to mind for this but as long as Colin … Continue reading

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There’s no film like an old film

Forget all the grumbling by the picky eaters – there were some GREAT movies released last year. Inception was my personal favourite but it seemed to draw as many sneers as cheers.  I can’t think why – great actors (Leonardo … Continue reading

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What are the odds?

Following on from a previous post, another small (but well-matched) synergy between a story and a movie occurred over the Christmas break. I’ve been re-reading at random some sci fi short stories and came across one first read five years ago. … Continue reading

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