Head again

Philip K. Dick’s head went missing. His android head, that is. Apparently it disappeared during a flight. The mind boggles – how do you mislay a head? Where could it possibly have gone?
You can imagine some hapless traveller freaking out as they unzipped their luggage and found themselves staring at a dismembered head….. 
Perhaps they could do a remake of that that old Peckinpah movie but retitle it ‘Bring me the head of Philip K. Dick’.

Anyways, it’s been reported that, undeterred by their loss, Hanson Robotics have now produced a second android head (wonder which lucky person got the job title Dick Head Manager?) and have a video of it happily talking away to itself.

There could be a future in this. Think of the possibilities. We could have celebrity androids all over the place. Imagine Einsteins giving physics lectures, Picassos teaching art or Attenboroughs discussing the natural world. We could even have android politicians running government. Oh, wait – that’s already in beta test….

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