Blade Runner Begins anyone?

Harrison Ford in Blade RunnerUh oh! They’re gonna mess with Blade Runner!

Over on io9 they’ve got the press release from Warner Bros-financed production company, Alcon Entertainment, confirming they’re about to secure the rights to Blade Runner sequels and prequels. But not, thank God, the rights to a remake of the original. Alcon CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove describe it as a “major acquistion”.

You bet it is.

It’s also a major responsibility. This is one of the greatest stand-alone sci fi movies ever – they’re gonna have to reach a very high standard if they don’t want their efforts to be viewed as cyncial, money-making cash ins. When green-lighting prequels and sequels, Hollywood has a history of being “so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”, to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in a different movie. And look what happened to the other instalments in that particular franchise…

There must have been something going down in the Collective Woo yesterday because, by coincidence, I re-watched Blade Runner just last night. And each time I see this movie I’m struck again at how brilliant it is. Acting, direction, screenplay, vision – all set a standard for other sci fi movies to reach for. And, unlike some of the critics when it was released, I don’t have any problem at all with the pacing. It works as a slow movie – that atmosphere feels like it’s soaking into me like the perpetual rain.

If they’re gonna make this a franchise, then they’ve got to get Ridley Scott on board for the initial prequel/sequel. That would be a start. And let him do his thing – these movies will be guaranteed an audience, after all, so there shouldn’t be any need for theatrical cuts/director’s cuts/final cuts this time.

I’m going to be watching this project with interest. I would really like them to get it right – Batman Begins and The Dark Knight showed that it can be done.

But if we end up with an AVP and AVP:R?
Then Flow My Tears, this blogger says.

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